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Patrick Van De Vyver is the Principle of Bainisha cvba - - and they are into high-tech innovation with a focus on developing a technology platform based on a ultra-thin sensor film technology for measuring displacement. The company based in the Belgium -Lokeren and is focused on the worldwide introduction of a multitude of spin-of applications. Markets include medical applications (such as a respiratory early warning system fitted in a single-use self-adhesive patch.), heavy industry including military applications (such as deformation measurements caused by explosions) and sports & leisure industry (such as defining the 15°-rule in cricket & on-line drag management - air resistance - for speed sport such as downhill ski racing or bicycling). Other applications such as MOCAP in the film industry - especially capturing hand movements in high definition- have also been demonstrated.
The company was founded in 2014 & currently has a lead list including such companies as Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Roche, NATO etc) and 12 clients mainly for the introductory test-kit and some engineering projects.
Since the beginning we have been working with a multi-disciplinary development team on a free-lance base. This development group is located in Merelbeke (B).
Bainisha stands for a ground breaking new technology poised to shift the standards in many industries and disciplines. To this end all investments have been dedicated to prepare the market and launch & demonstrate operational prototypes both @ customer's facilities as during international trade shows. To date we have not generated any profit (other than the intangible assets of our design know-how & two patents).

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